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H.J. Heinz Case Essays

H.J. Heinz Case Essays H.J. Heinz Case Paper H.J. Heinz Case Paper With its central station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Heinz has workplaces situated on six of the seven landmasses. Heinz centers around promoting their items with an accentuation on wellbeing, health, and manageability. Alongside assembling great food items adjusted to exceptional purchaser attributes in different districts of the world, Heinz likewise contributes liberally to magnanimous endeavors In parts of the world that need assistance most. As of late, Heinz got an honor for positioning number one In consumer loyalty for the eleventh year straight by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (Heinz, n. D. ). The Company, as it calls itself, has exclusive requirements for the food it fabricates and for its corporate tasks bringing about an ole-model of an organization increasing current standards in worldwide business activities. History and Global Footprint Heinz organizer Henry John (H. J) Heinz made an establishment for organization accomplishment by Instilling estimations of group bulling, coordinated effort, Innovation, vision, results-based tasks, and respectability in his workers. By following his statement of purpose, To do a typical thing phenomenally well brings achievement, Heinz has been effective at acquainting new items with the market for more than 140 years (Heinz, n. . ). The H. J. Heinz Company was established in 1869 in Sharpeners, Pennsylvania. It was consolidated on July 17, 1900, and developed to turn into a business organization in 1905. As of now, Heinz central command are In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 3 Heinz Is endeavoring to grow all around while emphatically Impacting the world. Through Its than 30 nations with regular mixture tomato seeds (H. J. Heinz Annual Report and ask, 2010). This empowers ranchers to create better returns of value tomatoes without hereditary adjustment. It has been especially effective in China, and the Company as of late started a program joining forces with the United States Agency for International Disaster in the financially distressed Upper Nile district of Egypt. Heinz additionally collaborates with Lucy Lieu as representative for the Heinz Encountering system to give bundles of powdered nutrients and minerals that can be blended into typical suppers for babies and youngsters living in creating countries. The Heinz Microscope program has helped 3,000,000 kids battle the danger of iron inadequacy, sickliness, and nutrient and mineral lack of healthy sustenance in 15 nations (H. J. Heinz Annual Report and ask, 2010). The program was as of late brought into North America and Africa as it keeps on developing, with an objective of arriving at one million extra kids before the current year's over. Heinz is focused on affecting the world through the Hindered and Heinz Encountering programs. Industry and Products As recently referenced, Heinz is a worldwide pioneer in the worldwide market of food items. With 60% of its deals produced outside the United States, Heinz is a case of an organization that has thrived from globalization (Heinz ASK Annual Report). : The items that Heinz produces and markets fall under the three classifications of sauces, solidified nourishments, and newborn child food sources. Item accessibility shifts the world over, as do the fixings. For instance, well known Heinz items swaggered in the United States incorporate Smart Ones and T. G. I. Fridays solidified courses, Pickles, Classics pasta sauce, and ketchup. Ketchup is likewise accessible in Poland, however it is made with various fixings, is bundled in an unexpected way, and is called Puddings (Heinz H. J. HEINZ NC: INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 4 ASK Annual Report). Heinz fabricates and showcases items that satisfy the guidelines of individual nations, and the requirements and needs of shoppers in these nations. Cries inventive promoting strategies help with creating item achievement in the worldwide food industry. In February 2010, Heinz reported the most recent expansion to the Heinz Ketchup product offering. The new Dip Squeeze ketchup, which empowers buyers to press ketchup onto food by evacuating the tip of the little, ketchup bottle-molded bundle, or strip back the covering to plunge their food in the sauce. In ongoing endeavors to advance the new Dip Squeeze item, Heinz bought a pre-owned truck, introduced a custom kitchen with twofold stacked show stoves, food warmers, sinks, and a cooler. The truck was marked with the activities trademark, Heinz Ketchup Road Trip, and the battle was pitched via web-based networking media locales including Twitter and Faceable. The excursion started in mid-November in Pittsburgh, spent Thanksgiving in New York, and will advance toward Philadelphia before a last stop down south in Dallas. Guests to the Heinz Ketchup Road Trip truck get a free serving of Ore-Ida crease cut fries or Ore-Ida yam fries (both Heinz advertising and correspondences for Heinz North America, clarifies the in a hurry battle was fitting for the Dip Squeeze Ketchup parcels. She says, Since it was truly made for eating in a hurry, we needed to make a situation where individuals could encounter it in a hurry (Vega, 2010). Geographic Coverage and International Sales Totals The Heinz Company deals stretch out over the globe and created about $10. Billion universally in the most recent year (Heinz ASK Annual Report). Heinz separates its business sectors into the five areas of North America, U. S. Foddering, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Rest of World. The Asia/Pacific district incorporates Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, China, South Korea, 5 Indonesia, and Singapore. The Rest of World district incorporates Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. The $10. 5 billion earned in the most recent year was the whole of North At-bowel purges $3,192, 219,000, U. S Food administrations $1 Rupees Sat/pacific and Rest of universes incomes (H. J. Heinz Annual Report and ask, 2010). These aggregates show that North America is Whines most grounded advertise, firmly followed by the European area. The Rest of World area incorporates many creating countries in this manner produced fundamentally lower income. A future plan is the extension of Heinz items in creating countries through the making of valuable, practical items and focused on advertising. Developing markets that Heinz has tasks in incorporate China, India, Latin America, and Russia. Heinz is likewise investigating new markets in the Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, ND Brazil. On November 30, 2010, Heinz reported that it would take an interest in the 2010 Credit Issue Holiday Conference on December 7, 2010. During the meeting, the Company will introduce a review of Whines procedures, results, and organizations around the globe spoke to by Margaret Noel, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations (The Wall Street Journal Market Watch) (H. J. Heinz Company to Participate in the 2010 Credit Issue Holiday Conference, 2010). Worldwide Production, Distribution Facilities Supply Chain The Company possesses a sum of 67 plants and rents eight over the globe (H. J. Heinz Annual Report and ask, 2010). In North America, 20 industrial facilities are claimed and four are rented, in Europe 21 are possessed and none are rented, in the Asia-Pacific area 20 are possessed and two are rented, and in the Rest of World six manufacturing plants are claimed and two are rented. Cries many-sided flexibly anchor empowers its items to order immense worldwide inclusion and availability. The items are sold through Whines own business associations, through 6 and autonomous basic food item accounts, comfort stores, bread kitchens, drug stores, mass vendors, club stores, foddering wholesalers and foundations including lodgings, soaks, emergency clinics, human services offices, and certain administration offices (H. J. Heinz Annual Report and ask, 2010). The Company has define an objective of conveying more than $1 billion in cost investment funds throughout the following five years through worldwide gracefully tie activities intended to accomplish economies of scale and diminish costs by utilizing individuals, procedure, and innovation (H. J. Heinz Annual Report and ask, 2010). Global Market Regions and Market Groups Throughout the fluctuating substances of the Heinz Corporation in any event one thing stays consistent, elevated requirements relating to corporate and social obligation. Their pride in duty, alongside their severe layout of rules and business norms, takes into consideration quick and simple adjustments to neighborhood and provincial gathering guidelines, (for example, NONFAT, the EX., CAFTAN, SEAN, and so on). Despite the fact that nations and areas have varying wellbeing guidelines and guidelines for food, Heinz stays away from complexities with the nations particular financial associations or associations because of the Companys idea of business. On the off chance that a firm in the food business wishes to contend on a worldwide scale, the principal outside power it will battle with and adjust to is culture. One manner by which a nation communicates its way of life is through food. Since societies change from district to locale, one can see that it would be basically inconceivable for a firm contending on a worldwide scale to have one item which rises above all business sectors and requests to everyones inclinations. Accordingly, Heinz doesn't have one item that it must form to various guidelines and guidelines so as to offer it to various markets. Heinz contends on a worldwide scale through the obtaining of organizations that have just settled interest for items in their market. These acquisitions empower Heinz to sidestep the political red 7 primate which most organizations bringing items into a remote commercial center must survive. Hence Heinz doesn't need to adjust, yet keep up, the strategic policies of the organizations they secure. In spite of the fact that Heinz might not have direct association with financial associations or other comparable associations, 22 of their worldwide areas are guaranteed by the International Organization for Standardization (SO). The ISO is, a system of the national measures institu

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Petries Electronic free essay sample

Despite the fact that the client steadfastness venture at Petrie’s Electronics had gone gradually from the outset, the previous hardly any weeks had been quick paced and occupied, Jim Watanabe, the task director, pondered internally. He had invested quite a bit of his energy arranging and leading meetings with key partners inside the organization. He had likewise worked with the promoting gathering to assemble some center gatherings comprised of faithful clients, to get a few thoughts regarding what they would an incentive in a client steadfastness program. Jim had additionally invested some energy considering client faithfulness programs at other enormous retail chains and those in different enterprises too, for example, the carriers, known for their broad client dedication programs. As venture chief, he had additionally regulated the endeavors of his colleagues. Together, they had gathered a lot of information. Jim had quite recently wrapped up a significant level outline of the data into a table he could send to his colleagues (PE Table 5-1). 5. Why shouldn’t Petrie’s staff fabricate their own remarkable framework in-house? I figure it would cost considerably more and will be substantially more tedious. The better activity is utilize a redistribute as opposed to working in-house, that way they are setting aside cash and getting what they need significantly quicker. Petries Electronics Case, Chapter 6, Questions 1 and 5 1. Are the DFDs in PE Figures 6-1 and 6-2 adjusted? Show that they are, or are most certainly not. In the event that they are not adjusted, how might they be fixed? It would seem that they are adjusted in light of the fact that on both the outlines there are 2 inflows to the client (buys coupons) and 3 surges from the framework to sink client (reports, custom fitted advancements, coupons). 5. For what reason is it significant for the group to make DFDs on the off chance that they won't compose the genuine framework code themselves? It makes the investigators consider the information being utilized, the wellsprings of the information, where the data originates from and goes.

Starbucks' Mission (vision, goals, objectives) aligned with its Essay

Starbucks' Mission (vision, objectives, goals) lined up with its systems - Essay Example Indication of Starbucks’ mission is through its six (6) significant standards. As indicated by the Starbucks Coffee Official Website, these standards are the: uniformity of workplace, business decent variety, use of elevated requirement greatness, center around consumers’ fulfillment, ecological and public commitments, and productivity acknowledgment. Moreover, through these methods of estimating suitability of choices, Starbucks imagines itself as the â€Å"most perceived and regarded brand in the world,† (Starbucks Coffee Website). As in each company, particularly the individuals who are available all around like Starbucks Coffee, promoting systems are created and actualized. In particular, it created showcasing openings and applied effective advertising techniques to pick up benefit and be perceived. All promoting systems ought to be identified with the company’s crucial vision; and this examination plans to break down whether Starbucks techniques are lined up with its objectives. First indication of Starbucks’ crucial its equity of workplace (Starbucks Coffee Website). That implies that each human asset ought to be treated with deference and pride. Undoubtedly, HR, particularly in an espresso organization like Starbucks are significant. Starbucks, having perceived this and grasped it into their main goal, exceptionally organizes their kin, their baristas. They esteem their workers since they realize that they contribute and assume a significant job in organization development. The representatives are the ones who serve the clients (Catching the Starbucks†¦, 2002). The workers the clients see, not the CEO or leader of the organization. Corresponding to this, Starbucks train their workers both in item aptitude and client assistance. What's more, consequently, increasingly skilled recruited workers are progressively proficient of the item, and they can work well for clients for the achievement of the organization.

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Continuing Academic Success Essay

Obviously everybody needs to be effective! It requires 100% of exertion and assurance to be fruitful. Keeping up credible objectives saves you on target for the street of accomplishment. In the event that you remember your objectives, you won't off track from them. Accomplishing objectives that you have set for yourself is your obligation. It is anything but difficult to get diverted from your scholastic objectives, on the off chance that they are not kept up every day. Proceeding with scholarly achievement has helped various of understudies succeed. Proceeding with scholastic achievement intends to have a favorable position by continuing scholarly development in an instructive domain. Achievement is the capacity to design, be determined, define objectives, and achieve them. There are such huge numbers of basics for proceeding with scholastic achievement, in which your disposition greatly affects your scholarly structure. Achieving scholarly objectives are a preferred position for de velopment and various chances. Proceeding with your scholastic achievement is significant in which you direct research to pick up information. Another significant need required for progress is to define objectives. The best choice any individual could make is to arrangement ahead for your ideal situation throughout everyday life. Applying aptitudes from your assets in or outside of school can likewise assist you with being fruitful. Picking up Knowledge Recognizing your learning style gives you understanding on the most proficient method to acquire a helpful example towards progress. There are 3 unique methods of learning styles which are visual, sensation, and sound-related. In visual mode, you can depict your learning inclinations on the off chance that you can learn by pictures, Shapes, model, or canvases. A few people lean toward learning by motions, body developments, object control and placing, which is sensation. To wrap things up, there is the sound-related mode which includesâ listening, rhythms, tone and serenades. As indicated by, Alsop and Ryan, 1996, learning styles profoundly affect learning. Individual consciousness of learning styles and trust in imparting this is the initial moves towards accomplishing an ideal learning condition. (Alsop and Ryan, 1996.) Finding your own learning style causes you with your ability improvement. This likewise gives you individual mindfulness and causes you to use your reasoning aptitudes successfully. Realizing your learning style encourages you to explore through your profession and causes you to be in charge of your own prosperity. For example, Omrod, 2008, p.106 composed, â€Å"Some intellectual styles and manners do appear to impact how and what data is introduced through words (verbal students), while others appear to learn better when it’s introduced through pictures (visual learners)†. Subsequently instructive brain research understudies and hopeful instructors are being encouraged that understudies have specific learning styles and that these styles ought to be obliged by guidance custom fitted to those learning styles. Knowing about my own learning style causes me to improve decisions, when choosing my perspective on a specific subject. I accept that being a visual student, is an extraordinary method to learn. Most things individuals know is by observing with their eyes and viewing. When viewing, it’s simpler to get familiar with a great deal about individuals and things that are valuable to you. I gain proficiency with a great deal about my environmental factors and things about myself, being a visual student. It is simple for me to arrange data, characterize issues and create speculations. I think being a visual student is a solid resource since it encourages me accomplish on more significant levels consistently in regular day to day existence. It is progressively helpful, well a preferred position to realize your learning style and to use it. Defining Goals Achievement originates from gaining an uplifting mindset, planning and concentrating on wanted objectives. Achievement is settling on the best decisions to forestall disappointment and to succeed. Achievement requires a test and responsibility and encourages a person to achieve objectives. It depends on Ryan (1970) premise that cognizant objectives influence activity. An objective is the item or point of an activity, for instance, to achieve a particular standard of capability, normally inside a predetermined time limit. As mechanical hierarchical analysts, ourâ primary intrigue has been to foresee, clarify, and impact execution on authoritative or business related undertakings. Accordingly, we concentrated on the connection between cognizant execution objectives and level of undertaking execution as opposed to on discrete goals to take explicit activities (e. g. , to apply to graduate school, to get a clinical assessment). As indicated by Dobbins, Pettman, 1997, Set Goals Itâ€℠¢s required to set objectives, with the goal that you can be effective. Objective setting can help an individual massively in light of the fact that they can set momentary objectives and achieve them. I have numerous objectives, dreams and aspirations†¦ My lifetime objective is to turn into a CEO of a 500 fortune organization quite a while from now. Defining transient objectives can assist me with accomplishing my drawn out objectives and draw nearer to my fantasies. Defining objectives can likewise give me a genuine feelings of serenity and keep me centered . Time the board offers you the chance to complete a great deal for the duration of the day. In the end you will have the option to achieve little to bigger assignments. Defining objectives and overseeing time, you would doubtlessly accomplish your set objectives. Aptitudes that you gain day by day from school or your own life can be utilized as transferable abilities that will assist you with progressing at being fruitful. We realize that achievement is gotten from both information and positive mental disposition. We additionally realize that disappointment is emphatically connected with absence of information and negati ve perspectives. Centering upon wanted objectives invigorates energy and excitement, which are thus firmly connected with positive mental disposition. Not many individuals are set up to set objectives. A great many people are not set up to find out more or put forth the essential attempts to be progressively constructive. Apply Skills The creative cycle encourages you advance in your training and vocation on the grounds that it’s simple to conceptualize. Applying information you addition will consistently be valuable. Scholastic honesty is significant you are assuming liability for your work. To the extent leading examination and refering to data where you have discovered your sources. Copyright infringement a mind boggling idea, contends Sutherland-Smith, who segregates six components of counterfeiting (pp. 70-3) from crafted by Peccorari (2002): language obtained or taken source, by whom, without affirmation, with or without aim to mislead. Copyright infringement accompanies results in the event that one isn’t cautious. There is a chance of being removed from school. End Proceeding with scholastic achievement is an extraordinary way to take. On proceeding with your training you figure out how to pick up information, set objectives and apply what you have realized. Realizing your learning style will likewise assist you with achieving in being fruitful! References Dobbins, R., and Pettman, B. O. (1997). Set objectives. Equivalent Opportunities International, 16(6/7), 9-43. ProQuest Central. Robertson, L., Smellie, T., and Wilson, P. (2011, March). Learning Styles and Fieldwork Education: Students’ viewpoints. New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy, 58(1), 36-40. ProQuest Central. Ryan, T. A. (1970). Purposeful conduct. New York: Ronald Press White, G. (2009) ). Literary theft: The web and understudy picking up improving scholastic respectability. Australian Journal of Education,53(2), 209-211

The Night Sky Essays - Planetary Science, Terrestrial Planets

The Night Sky Some time in the past, individuals investigated the night sky and thought about what they were taking a gander at? What distance away are those twinkles in the sky? Might they be able to all be stars, or perhaps, would they be able to be something different? What makes certain lights more splendid than others, and how distances influence their force? These inquiries and other fascinating realities will be explored in the accompanying pages. One of the most widely recognized interests with respect to the night sky is separation, which can be extremely difficult to decide. Since space is so huge, researchers must utilize numerical techniques to decide the distance away, how enormous, and how splendid something really quantifies. Be that as it may, in view of the continually changing situation of Earth and the nearby planetary group corresponding to the cosmic system, and the mind boggling separations that different articles in space, researchers have built up a distinctive standard unit of measure. The most widely recognized unit of measure is a light year. ?A light year is the separation that light can go in one year? (Giancoli 1000). Utilizing extremely complex instruments, researchers have estimated the speed at which light voyages and have discovered the separation in one second to rise to 3 x 10^8 meters. From this revelation, they can decide that one ?light moment? rises to 18 x 10^9 meters, which figures one ?light year? to rise to 9.46 x 10^15 meters (generally 10^13 kilometers). To advance a superior image of how far ten trillion kilometers extends, envision the separation between the earth and the moon to quantify 384,000 kilometers, or 1.28 light seconds; the separation between the earth and the sun is 150,000,000 kilometers, or 8.3 light seconds; and the good ways from Earth to the most remote planet, Pluto, measures 6 billion kilometers or 6 x 10^-4 light years. To imagine the nearly incredible separations of room, the nearest star to the sun, Proxima Centauri, is 4.3 light years away, which is more than multiple times more distant away than the most inaccessible planet in Earth's sun oriented framework (Ibid). Of all the far off articles that are found in the night sky, the nearest items to Earth are planets. There are an aggregate of nine planets in the world's close planetary system, including Earth, alongside a couple of other heavenly articles, for example, comets, that pass by each such a large number of years (Ridpath 59). The planets change extraordinarily in size and organization. Some that sparkle brilliantly can be seen all all year, while others are difficult to find and recognize. The request for the planets in the nearby planetary group goes as follows: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, lastly Pluto (Ibid). Mercury, the littlest planet in the nearby planetary group, has a measurement of just 2,900 miles. This first planet is strong with next to no environment and has just six percent the volume of Earth. Mercury's mass, nonetheless, isn't known since there are no satellites, or as it were, moons circling the planet, that would uncover its gravitational impact upon them . In the event that there were moons circling Mercury, at that point they could help us in deciding the planet's mass by utilizing Einstein's All inclusive Law of Gravitation. Notwithstanding, even without the moons, researchers have had the option to gauge its mass to be around four percent of that of the earth (Pickering 44). Mercury can be found in spring and fall, at dawn or nightfall, which is the point at which it is at its most prominent good ways from the sun. It must be seen for a brief timeframe, however, and is close to the skyline even at the point when it tends to be seen (Pickering 46). The following planet is once in a while known as ?the Morning Star? since it is the most splendid object in the night sky. In light of Venus' quick circle of the sun, at regular intervals, the hour of year that it tends to be seen changes from year to year. Venus is so effectively noticeable in light of the fact that it is unbelievably splendid contrasted with ordinary stars. At its most brilliant point, Venus can be up to 4.4 occasions more splendid than Sirius, the most brilliant star in the night sky. Venus has a breadth of 7,700 miles, and is truly tantamount to the size of Earth. Its mass is 82% of that of the world's and its gravitational force is 89% the quality of the world's (Pickering 47). Despite the fact that the extents to Earth are so close, Venus has one unmistakable distinction, and that is its air. Venus' air is thick to such an extent that it really shrouds the outside of the planet totally and for all time.

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Socio-political Essay Online For Free - Free Essay Example

Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) was a German poet, playwright and theatre director. This project will look at the development of Brechts playwriting over time in response to the socio-political changes in Berlin, by evaluating Brechts work in the three periods of different political environments that Brecht was exposed to in Berlin. These should reveal how historical context and political stance shaped his work. Some reference will be made to the plays mentioned, due to their content and the different times in which they were written. Academic and contemporary responses mentioned in this project were mostly acquired at the Brecht Haus archive in Berlin on 14th February 2008. During the First World War, Brecht doubted in a school essay whether it was honourable to die for your nation and this feeling was heightened when he had to serve in the war as a medical orderly in 1918 (Rosenhaft, 1994). His first plays were written as the war ended; the working title of on e of his first was Spartakus (later published as Drums of the Night), after the organisation of the German revolutionaries Luxemburg and Liebknecht. Brechts radical side is clear in his early plays; he talks about the decay and corruption of the bourgeois society that he felt a part of (Meech, 1994). Yet arguably at this point in time, Brecht was â€Å"a bohemian rather than a Marxist† (Schoeps, 1992). The polarisation of the Weimar Republic and the rise of fascism that resulted in stronger political beliefs and works in the late 1920s (Fetscher, 1980). Saint Joan of the Stockyards, an allegory on the workings of the stock exchange, is an example of this (McCullough, 1994). The Weimar Republic saw the increasing commercialisation of leisure activity with the rise of popular entertainment (cinema, sports, dance, jazz, etc) (Rosenhaft, 1994). The educated, bourgeois audience was being replaced by a broader audience. This cultural democratisation affected the role of the writer (Silberman, 1993). Some traditionalists sought new ways of asserting their elitism whilst others like Brecht began to develop a habit of production that submerged the authors subjectivity within a collective (Meech, 1994) as seen with the adaptations of Marlowes Life of Edward the Second (1924) and Man Equals Man (1926). The notion of aesthetic activity as production rather than creation, theorised by Brecht in his essay The Threepenny Lawsuit (1932) indicates this shift. Social changes have therefore directly impacted Brechts style of writing and theoretical concepts of theatre. Brecht was taught Marxism in the late 1920s twenties by Korsch and Benjamin, both anti-Stalinists (Esslin, 1959). Brecht supported the KPD, a mass party that to him seemed the only force capable of confronting Hitler, unlike the main Trotskyist organisation in Berlin with only 50 members (Windisch Brandon, 2006). He would not have had much opportunity to influence events otherwise. B rechts turn to Marxism changed his approach to theatre. He rejected the naturalistic style that presented the audience with a perfect illusion of reality. For productions of Drums of the Night, he suggested hanging a banner above the stage saying â€Å"Dont Stare So Romantically!† Ironically, the need for a new form of theatre became obvious to him after his biggest financial success. The Threepenny Opera (1928) illustrated begging as an organised trade, with criminals working hand in glove with the police. But rather than shocking bourgeois audiences, the play was a huge success (Schmidt, 1992). Audiences loved music, while Brechts critique of capitalism did not attract much attention. Brecht was involved in the conflicts at the end of the Weimar Republic. One month after the premiere of The Mother (1932), police ordered that the play could be recited but not played. The production of another play was stopped because Nazis were assaulting the actors (Windisch Brand on, 2006). Brechts vision of a more humane society changed with the rise of fascism (Silberman, 1993). He usually failed to represent convincingly the alternative order that could confront fascism, as seen in Fear and Misery of the Third Reich (1938), The Business Affairs of Mr. Julius Caesar (1938-39), and the Book of Changes (1935-42). As a Marxist, when the Nazis gained power, Brecht went into exile, staying close to the German border in Denmark and Finland to support the anti-fascist struggle until the war forced him to leave for the USA (1941). Until the end of WWII, Brechts plays rarely reached the stage. Yet the plays written in exile are his most famous today. Brecht expressed opposition to National Socialist and Fascist movements in Galileo, Mother Courage and Her Children, The Good Person of Szechwan, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, and The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Mother Courage, for example, is torn between protecting her children from the war and making a p rofit out of the Thirty Years War (Leach, 1994). Key themes in the play include war as business, virtue in wartime and morality. None of those plays put simple answers to the moral questions they raise, and none of them are simple propaganda pieces. Rather, they show how the possibilities of the individual characters are limited by social conditions, and they force the viewer to think about the limits of â€Å"common sense† moral judgements (Windisch Brandon, 2006). Brecht focused on new representation. On the one hand, the formal reductionism of the parable plays from this period seems to function as a kind of protective shield against the impossible contradictions of reality, but on the other, the shift in subject and technique to more deliberate forms of distancing de-centres the text-audience relation by transferring the utopian imagination into the spectators themselves (Silberman, 1993). The prologue to The Caucasian Chalk Circle (1944) suggests the politic al and poetic utopia Brecht envisioned in his mature plays. Brechts invitation to return to the GDR, enticed by offer of own theatre and company, shows that although Brecht was not a member of the Communist Party, his allegiances were sincere (Esslin, 1959). The impressive Berliner Ensemble, visited on 15th February 2008, solely for the use of Brechts work and directing, and his work still dominates the theatre today (fieldtrip, 2008). He spent his last years defining and reworking his ideas. Although towards the end of his life Brecht wrote few plays, some famous poems have emerged from after the Second World War (Rundell, 1980). The Solution was Brechts commentary on uprising (1953) the GDR; he supported government measures taken to crush the uprising, including the use of Soviet military force, despite his concern for the protesting people as well. His allegiance to the communist regime is portrayed in The Days of the Commune, which is based on the proletariat revoluti on of the Paris Commune in 1871, which attempted to bring about a revolution through the working class. Brecht is often criticised for returning to the GDR (Fetscher, 1980). In fact, exile gave Brecht first-hand experience of the ‘freedom of the West. He was blacklisted out of 40 scripts he wrote, one was accepted for filming, and this was cut severely by Hollywood that Brecht withdrew it. Brechts commitments were leftist enough to provoke HUACs investigation in 1947 and the refusal of visas for travel to West Germany under US control (Kruger, 2004). Brecht also came into conflict with the Stalinist cultural bureaucracy. They forced him to make changes in several productions and even stopped two of them (Esslin, 1959). Brecht received support for his theatre in East Germany but he expressed private reservations about SED policy, especially after the workers uprising on 17 June 1953 challenged the partys claim to lead a â€Å"workers and peasants state† (Krug er, 2004). Brechts relation to the GDR regime remained contradictory. On the one hand, he said it would be better to have a bad socialism than to have none, he also disliked the dictatorship. When the Berlin workers uprising (1953) was repressed, he wrote a letter to the general secretary of the Communist Party in which he called for dialogue (Esslin, 1959). Only his last sentence backing the government was published. Hi call for dialogue, I believe, had two aims. Firstly, to reinstate peace amongst the campaigning people, as it seems unlikely Brecht would have spoken publicly against the GDR regime, despite his dissatisfaction with the scenario. Secondly, because of his pro-GDR regime status and his status as a GDR icon, his words would be more trusted by both parties. There is much argument over Brechts true thoughts regarding the 1953 uprising. In private, Brecht was more outspoken. In his unpublished poem The Solution, he ironically asks, â€Å"If the people had for feited the confidence of the government, would it not be easier to dissolve the people and elect another?† Brecht intended his theatre to be a critique of society, believing that theatres function was to educate, and to achieve this he created his epic theatre theory. â€Å"A play should not cause the spectator to emotionally identify with the action before him or her, but should instead provoke rational self-reflection and a critical view of the actions on the stage†. Brecht wanted audiences to use critical perspective to identify social ills and therefore effect change, having described his plays as a collective political meeting in which the audience is to participate actively (Brooker, 1994). For this purpose, Brecht employed the use of techniques that remind spectators the play is a representation of reality and not reality itself called the alienation effect (Esslin, 1959). To achieve this, he ripped up the traditional five act structure of static drama . Inspired by Russian revolutionary theatre, he looked for ways to interrupt the main plot (Windisch Brandon, 2006). For example, he used comments on the action directed to the audience, songs in between and projections of text with extra information. To undermine the natural curiosity of the audience, he used an announcer to summarise the scene before it was shown. This allowed him to show that the course of events is not simply given, and therefore demands choices and active intervention. The political side of his plays became harder to ignore. A good example is The Mother, which is set during the Russian 1905 revolution, showing a mother who wants to free her Bolshevik son from jail and how by doing so she gradually becomes convinced of Communism herself (Windisch Brandon, 2006). Brecht chose historical settings as another means of creating a distance between the viewer and the play. In Galileo Galilei, the struggle between the scientist and the Catholic Church ser ved as the scene for a debate on the tensions between individual beliefs and the way our rulers try to control our thoughts (Weber, 1980). Brechts has attracted immense controversy since his early theatrical successes in the 1920s, having been compared to Shakespeare (Laughton); Brecht is considered one of the great playwrights and directors of the 20th century. Over 50 years after his death, his plays along with those of Chekhov are the most frequently performed works (Fuegi, 1995). As Brook has emphasised: â€Å"Brecht is the key figure of our time, and all theatre work today at some point starts or returns to his statements and achievement†. But much praise for his ability and work is usually held up because of his Marxist views. This political allegiance has annoyed some critics like Willet, who has chosen to look upon it as something unfortunate but incidental to his achievements. Bentley also expresses his disappointment: Brecht â€Å"would be a better wri ter if he gave up Marxism†. Others oppose his work on the grounds that it is propagandistic and lacks the subjective sentiments accessible only through a more personal theatre of individual experience. Inevitably, commentators are forced to approach Brecht by addressing not only his plays but also his writings on theatre as well as the way he directed productions. Mostly they decide to deal with his technical expertise in isolation from his politics (Fuegi, 1995). Brecht is seen as a modern dramatist and poet worthy of careful study, and of no more particular interest except that he also happened to be political (Breuer 1992, Weber 1992). This purposeful attempt to neglect the political Brecht is frustrating because of its success in obscuring the relevance of his achievements, despite his surviving attempts by fascism to destroy its revolutionary content and undermine its significance. Most commentators have failed to understand the rationale of the method involved . But Brecht was quite clear about what he wanted and how he proposed to get it. When he referred to Marx as â€Å"the only audience for my plays that I had come across†, Brecht was describing a primary focus that is lost on his many critics. He did not mean that only Marxists could understand his plays. Rather it was Marxists alone who could understand what he was trying to do. Brecht comprehended how controlling cultural production had become under capitalism. His response was to do something about it by creating a theatre that sought to redefine the relationship between audience and performance (Trommler, 1980). Yet the historical illusions of modernism have become a problem of positioning oneself subjectively in a post-modern age when evaluating the subject of this study. Brecht was a communist without a party card. He could write only on commission from the party, their precarious status did not hinder him from criticising the policies of the party as well as pr aising its goals (Volker, 1987). His critiques were never simply blunt attacks, but were handled lightly with wit and satire. However, the party officials did not appreciate his critical irony, but preferred instead the sympathetic tracts of bourgeois authors. Brechts communist allegiances have also led to numerous attempts by the mainstream art world to degrade his legacy either by claiming that his plays are worthless Stalinist propaganda, or by claiming that they are worthwhile despite the politics (Windisch Brandon, 2006). Yet Brechts popularity has depended on misreading since 1928, when The Ballad of Mack the Knife song performed as part of The Threepenny Opera in Berlin became one of the most-recorded standards in the history of pop music. Brecht (and his composer Weill) might have wanted an art that hastens the overthrow of capitalism; instead they got covers from Darin and Sinatra (Tonkin, 2006). Depoliticising Brecht, however, is a difficult job he wrote p lays with titles such as The Seven Deadly Sins of the Petty Bourgeoisie and Days of the Commune, and poems like The Song of the Class Enemy (Windisch Brandon, 2006). Brechts period in exile was a fight against material want, persecution, betrayal, and political disappointment (Volker, 1987). The last years of his life were spent in the German Democratic Republic (GDR), because he wanted another Germany based on the principles of peace and socialism. There, he was able to preserve his independence and artistic integrity. He welcomed the politicisation of art while vigorously defending his work against any state ideology (Volker, 1987). His theatre, the Berliner Ensemble, was opposed to the official GDR doctrine on art (Socialist Realism) and to the German Stanislavski tradition (naturalism) (Etkind, 1980). On principle, he rejected the use of art and theatre to conform to state requirements of taste. Brechts main contribution, then, is to be found in the innovative ways h e devised for examining history and making the processes of history visible as changeable ones (Trommler, 1980). Brechts impact is not to be found in any recipes he may have provided but rather in the possibility of his writings to enable our own creativity in thinking about historical truths and processes (Silberman, 1993).

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