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Investigation report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Investigation report - Assignment Example I went further to investigate the reasons that could have contributed the disparity. In my investigation, I realized that two of the union members had not done any overtime work while that of the nonunion members were relatively high. The two members demonstrated a higher percentage of rejection for the period hence their inability to do any overtime work is justifiable. This means that the union leader cannot defend the positions of these two individuals. Through a discussion with the head of the department, Mr. Wilfred Kundson, I got a clue of the reasons why the parity existed. After investigating the proposition that the overtime was awarded based on seniority and productivity in line with the company’s polices, I affirmed Kundson’s views (Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1). The findings show a very close relationship between the two factors and overtime. For example, Ralph Andrews, one of the oldest workers that has served the company for 35 years received less overtime as opposed to the more productive workers, apparently having served the company for only eight years and are member of the union. I established that the problem could have emanated from inadequate communication and lack of employees involvement in decision making in the organization. The union members may have thought that they are discriminated against because of their affiliation to the union, which was not the case. The work done and the seniority are the most important aspects considered as a matter of policy. However, there must have been a communication breakdown somewhere hence creating suspicion among the union affiliated employees (Queensland Government 1). The employees were not aware of how the overtime was awarded; the criterion used was unfamiliar to them. However, when they are informed of the policies of the organization as pertains the award of overtime, most of them would be comfortable. The findings also

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Explain how John Steinbeck promotes agonistic and secular humanism and Essay

Explain how John Steinbeck promotes agonistic and secular humanism and give examples in The Grapes of Wrath - Essay Example As a result the wages are pulled down and many go unemployed. Those who are lucky enough to be hired are exploited thoroughly. Although the novel is an indictment against the fallacy of capitalist utopia, it does not gravitate toward a Marxist position. To the extent that Steinbeck accepts bitter realities of life in the United States without resorting to political and economic ideologies is evidence for the agonist in the author. Moreover, by showcasing virtue and resilience in the face of adversity, Steinbeck hints at poverty's noble connotations, which resonates with the message of the Holy Bible. Strengthening the case for the novel's biblical inspirations, the name of one of the Joad family members is Rose of Sharon. But it would be simplistic to classify The Grapes of Wrath as a Christian novel, for it deals with universal human concerns and universal avenues for salvation. Steinbeck makes it clear that such salvation is not an event in afterlife, but one accessible during the course of life itself. The last scene of the story, where Rose of Sharon, upon seeing the miserable starvation of an old man, offers him her breast milk (which her stillborn baby could not have).